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Bridging the gap between an
owner and their parked vehicle

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Allow the vehicle's owner to respond, first!

Oopseez is the membership based application that allows you to conveniently notify our members when their unattended vehicle is preventing you from entering or exiting a parking space.

We are working to revolutionize the method people currently use to grab the attention of a vehicles owner. Giving the owner of a vehicle the authority to be the first to address issues concerning their vehicle and eliminate the need to involve a third party or unexpected expenses.




Check out what Oopseez can do for you!

Put You In Control

Specially designed to give you, the owner, direct
authority to respond first to matters concerning your vehicle.

Improve Guest Parking

Innovative technology enables your residents to
request guest parking from the comfort of their home.


Your information is kept confidential.

Direct Messages

Quickly notify the owner
and avoid involving a third party.

Oopseez Conceived in the Midst of Chaos

As a single mother trying to balance education, work, and parenting; timing is imperative. The last thing you want after a four-hour class and rushing to work is to find yourself tightly wedged between the curb, the car in front and the car behind, but somehow I managed to do that. Frustrations were at an all-time high, funds were too low to call for assistance, however, a resolution had to be found and fast. It was then I had a sense of entrepreneurship and a light bulb for Oopseez which brightened by the second. In a matter of moments, I had a full vision of what I needed to bring a car paging device to fruition. Shortly thereafter the miraculous happened and I was freed from the parking space but not freed from the idea of inventing Oopseez.