How do I notify a member?

With 3 simple steps: 1. Register for free; 2. Enter vehicle's license plate number and state; 3. Select a message from our curated list and send.

What problem does Oopseez solve?

Oopseez is the superior choice to bridge the gap between you and your parked vehicle. On average your car is parked 95% of your life. In the instance your parked vehicle is preventing someone from entering or exiting a parking space, Oopseez is designed to allow others to securely notify you of your parking mishap prior to calling a tow truck or involving a third-party.

Is Oopseez for me?

Oopseez is designed to service people with a registered vehicle. Is your vehicle one of your greatest assets? Would you rather others contacted you prior to contacting a third-party? If yes, then Oopseez is for you!